Want To Build Your Own Apps? Read Getting Real by 37signals

After reading and reviewing 37signals’ new book, REWORK, I decided to pick up their first book, Getting Real. Although a few people told me the books were very similar, I actually found a lot of differences between the two.

It seems that REWORK was written more for business owners in general, but Getting Real was aimed more towards app developers. Since I’m still in the middle of development for Codesnipp.it, I’ve been trying to pick up every book on successful application development (I promise to stop talking so much about app development soon!).

Getting Real contained more of 37signals’ business philosophy and could really apply to any business owner or freelancer. Just like REWORK, the book contained a collection of short essays, but also contained several essays and quotes from other application developers and successful business owners. I give the book a solid 5 out of 5 for being both a quick read and full of witty and potent information.

I’m keeping this review short and sweet because besides being a must-read, you can also read it for free! Head on over to the site where you can either buy the book, buy the PDF or read it completely online for free.

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