Why I Became A Web Developer

People are often surprised when I tell them what I do. Of course, most of the people I tell don’t understand anyways, but several make the comment that it’s weird I do this and I’m a good looking girl.

While thats partially offensive, the consensus seems to be that being a web developer is a man’s job, or at least it’s an industry that’s dominated by men.

This made me wonder, why did I get into web development?

Growing up, I was always halfway between being a girly girl and being a tomboy. I love dresses and pretty things, but I also loved playing in the dirt, gadgets and cars. I started making my own websites in the 6th grade to house my anime addiction.

I’ve always been a hands-on type of person and enjoyed crafts and drawing and I loved computers. So it seemed natural to me to combine those talents and go to college for design.

I was an unhappy designer though. While I did enjoy some of my class projects, most of them bored me, especially after dealing with the pompous attitudes of several of my professors.

After leaving college, I went straight to a design/development job. By this point, I hadn’t coded anything since early college, so I had no idea what CSS was. I quickly realized that design in the real world for real clients was even more┬átorturous┬áthan for my professors. I hated it.

So why do I develop?

There’s something about web development I love. I love the frustration you get when you run against the wall and the soothing relief you get after figuring it out. I love the fact that CSS and WordPress are like giant puzzles and that everytime I put it together, it ends up different.

My last big rush was learning WordPress and I’ve been in a slight bored funk since then. I went ahead and decided to start some of my iPhone SDK book and felt that same rush as I downloaded Xcode. It’s something I can’t wait to start.

I must also admit, that although it’s slightly offensive when people attribute the fact that I’m a girl coder, it also gives me a sense of pride. I’m able to do what a lot of girls can’t, or wont, do. It’s a cool job.

That’s not to say development isn’t without its downs. It can get boring doing variations of the same WordPress site 30 times a week.

I think that’s why there are so many web languages out there, because we get bored with what were doing and have to learn something new. I’ve always been a knowledge junkie and a book worm, so I like the fact that being a web developer means you have to constantly learn. What other field, besides maybe the medical field, is really like that?

Enough of my rambling though. Why did you become a developer?