Why I Hate The Dev Community – Sometimes

I have been a part of, and love, the dev community for many many years now. I’ve wanted to be a web developer all my life and appreciate the fact that I can support my lifestyle with it and that people look up to me to learn what I’ve learned.

I’m very thankful for all you awesome developers and designers out there who’ve been supportive – and I’m sorry you’ll have to see a bit of the snarky side of me today.

You see, today I wrote an article that talked about ways you use to help you chose what CMS you’d like to learn, along with a short, one paragraph entry about each CMS I’ve used or come in contact with. Most people understood what the article was about and were happy to list their favorite CMS and why they chose to use it.

Others though, mostly the only 5 supporters of Joomla that exist, chose to take one sentence in the entire article and bend it out of shape and argue about it the whole day.

Yes, I admit it. I said Joomla sucks. I stand by what I said. Why? Because I’ve always said what I’ve meant and always mean what I say. I don’t filter or give out BS. I’m not going to lie to my readers and say “Oh this and this was so awesome!” just to be “fair”. Life isn’t fair and neither are CMS’s.

But“, you might say, “that’s just YOUR opinion!“.

To which I will reply -> duh.

Every article that I’ve ever written has been “my opinion”. I did write it after all. You see, there are 340958309485490856340985430593845 different ways of doing the exact same thing on the web. How I accomplish making one page work is completely different from how others accomplish it. Yes, we have best practices, but that doesn’t mean we have one set way to code anything.

Calling me an idiot because I chose the “simple” CMS or claiming it’s “only” for blogs doesn’t help your case. It’s not my fault you choose a more complicated CMS where it takes 2-3x as long to do what you could do in WordPress. Also, if you think WordPress is only for simple sites or blogs, you’ve obviously never spent real time working in it. Or you’re a crappy developer. You choose.

Of course I’m not forcing my opinions down your throat. We all have them. Dad used to say “opinions are like buttholes….“. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to change my opinion just because you don’t like it. If you want that mess you can find it on another blog with another writer. Not here.

Another point I have to make, how can I write something that isn’t in my opinion? I can’t write about products or things I’ve never experienced, I can only tell you what has and hasn’t worked for me and let you decide what to do with it.

I welcome different view points. I love the fact that you have a different opinion because that means we can learn from each other.  What I DON’T like is some one whining because they don’t like my opinion and then they proceed to argue with me and be hateful. Like I said on Twitter, if you don’t like what I say, you don’t have to listen to it. Arguing with me isn’t going to change either of our opinions.

Just because you love your products and hate mine doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole.

And that’s why this community can suck.