Working Well With Other Freelancers To Expand Your Business

There comes a time in every freelancer’s career where you might decide that you need to expand your clientele or services, while still staying a one person business.  While I believing that niching yourself into a certain type of client, industry or service can greatly improve your clientele and revenue; it’s also important to make use of those “confused clients”.

Who are these confused clients? If you’re a freelance designer or developer, you probably come across these everyday. These are the clients who don’t understand much about the web or the services you offer, so they send you requests for services you don’t offer.

For example, I’m a web developer who specifically states on my website that I offer CSS, XHTML and WordPress development. I don’t offer any design services and there’s no where on my entire site, except for a couple of blog articles, that mentions design. However, I get at least two requests a day from potential clients that ask me for design services.

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