8 Things Every Geek's Office Must Have

I’m currently renovating an upstairs bedroom to become my new office. My current office (minus my new puters) is a sad, dark and scary place.
A sad freelancer's office

The new room has the best light in the whole house and is quite charming. I’m going for a calm, cottage, Pottery Barn look, but I’m also wanting to include several nerd items, since I am a nerd after all.

I’ve come across several geeky things I think we should all have for our offices! Let’s take a look:

Typographic Lost Poster

Mattson Creative did an awesome set of Lost posters. I want this one so bad, it combines my love of good typography and a great show in one! ABC is selling some of them, but this one isn’t for sale. 🙁

Font Coasters

Picked up a set of these on Etsy today. Made of marble and type paper with varnish, these were well worth the $20. 😉

Etsy has a TON of typography art on there, so don’t look if you’re a broke typophile 😉

Type Pillows

OK so you can tell I like type. I didn’t know I’d find so many good examples!

I bought a pair of these, and if you’re lucky you can still find some on the clearance rank in your local Pottery Barn.

Nintendo Wall Graphics

What geek wouldn’t want to turn the place they’re stuck in every day into an 8-bit (or whatever, I’m not THAT much of a geek) office?

ThinkGeek offers old Super Mario, new Super Mario and Donkey Kong to choose from. And no, this isn’t going into my cottage office, but it still rocks.

Computer Bling

I’m now sad that I’m selling my MacBook, because this Yoshi graphic is too cool. You know you wants it….

….I was always sad when my Yoshi died 🙁

Find it on Etsy.

Social Media Magnets

Here’s something for all of you social media experts. *Cough Cough* No really, some sweet magnets to hang up all of those papers on your desk.

Find it on Etsy

Embroidered Reddit

Something for you techno blog geeks! I’m not a Reddit fan or user, but this hand embroidered wall thingy looks pretty nerdy to me.

Find it on Etsy


No geek would be complete without the proverbial space ship desk from Ikea.

Am I the only one to think all of their desks and chairs are terribly ugly and over-priced?

Your Finds

I’m still looking for nice stuff for the office. Have you found any geekery or prettily designed wonders?